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Sorry girls -- Niall won't date 1D fans, says brother

THERE is bad news for the legion of One Direction fans as it looks as if Mullingar native Niall Horan isn't too keen on dating devoted members of his fan base.

When it comes to the ladies the 19-year-old pop superstar is looking for a laid-back girl, who is not obsessed with his career.

In a revealing interview Niall's older brother Greg Horan told the Herald about the type of lady his single brother is looking to settle down with.

"Niall wants a girl who isn't going to spend the whole time taking about One Direction," Greg said.

"At the end of the day, it's a job to him -- the best job in the world, but it's still just a job.

"And when he's taking some time off he won't want to be chatting about the band and their upcoming gigs.

"He'll want a girl who he can wind down with and have a proper conversation with. A girl who'll talk to him about the weather and that sort of thing."

According to those who know him best, Niall has an eye for strong women who are able to tell a joke.

"A sense of humour would be important to him because he's very comical," Greg said. "A girl who can hold a conversation on their first date. You know -- have the banter and have a laugh. Niall's very funny and very well spoken so he needs someone to match that."

As one member of the pop world's hottest act, Niall has no shortage of admirers and band mate Liam Payne (19) is rumoured to be seeing singing sensation Leona Lewis (27), while Zayn Malik (19) is currently dating Little Mix's Perrie Edwards (19).

But Mullingar native Greg insists that Niall is in no hurry to find Ms Right.

"There's no pressure from the other lads. Look, Niall might find the right girl tomorrow or he might not find her for another 20 years -- who knows?

"The lads are very close," Greg continued. "They're spending a huge amount of time together -- they're like five brothers. And Simon Cowell thinks of them as the five sons he never had.

"They're the best friends, they're one of the most successful boy bands of all time and they're having the time of their life."

The past two years have been a real whirlwind for Niall with the X Factor, 1D's success Stateside and talks of a 3D movie.

"It's been a real change in his life," Greg said. "He's on a high constantly. It's a big change. One week he's at the VMA's winning awards, surrounded by celebrities and the next he's watching the football in a local in Mullingar. They're two very different worlds."