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Sonya and Brendan put their fashion heads together to get latest book deal all sewn up

RTE'S Off The Rails hosts Brendan Courtney and Sonya Lennon are set to team up again to pen their second style book.

The book has been given the working title of Your Fashion Needs You, and will feature contributions from their fans and viewers.

She and her co-star Brendan are also hoping to get their Off The Rails Live show back on the road later in the year.

Sonya explained how the pair met their first batch of make-over candidates this week and are looking forward to working their magic in front of the cameras.

"We're very busy with Off The Rails right now," the blonde style guru said. "I think we always try and mix it up a little bit. We'd get bored if we did the same things over and over so there will definitely be some new elements.

"We're mainly going to work on creating a really good wardrobe. We're working on a number of different projects together at the moment," she added.

Sonya's first solo project, a new show called Mastercrafter, is also set to hit the small screen this autumn.

The project inspired her to take an interest in craft-making and she has even been voted on to the board of Craft Council since filming took place.

"I was utterly honoured to be asked. It's a great privilege," she explained. "Through that I've got really deeply involved with craft. What these people can do with basic elemental materials is amazing.

"Woodturning is something I'd love to learn more about. Ceramics is another one I enjoyed, there's lots to be interested in.

"I would definitely think about doing a couple of courses, my interest has certainly been piqued. The show itself was great fun, there were great characters involved.

"There were people coming at it from all sorts of different angles. Some were first timers, some really experienced so it was fascinating."