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Socialite Tara to reveal 'shocking' juicy secrets on new dating show

KEEP an eye out for socialite Tara Sinnott's TV appearance now that the blonde beauty has finished filming on her new RTE2 programme, Love Clinic.

She admitted to having a few nerves ahead of the show hitting our small screens next Thursday -- and is promising to reveal some juicy secrets about herself.

The dating show sees singletons being advised by experts in psychology, health and fashion as they 'check into the clinic'.

They have their entire relationship history examined before being told how to find that perfect person, all for our viewing pleasure.

"I loved filming the show and actually learnt a lot about myself," she said.

"I had a few light-bulb moments and realised things that were so obvious, but it took the show to make the penny drop.

"I was totally myself and 100pc honest while filming, and I'm sure some of my revelations will shock a few people."


The blonde beauty, who was formerly Caprice's marketing manager and was linked to footballer Lee Sharpe, needn't worry too much about the reaction, though -- she's off to LA soon.

"I go over mid-October and I'm going to catch up with Una Healy as she's there at the same time.

"I've officially set up Red Carpet Agency in the USA," she added.