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Soap couple kick-started birth with a bumpy trip

Emmerdale couple Charley Webb and Matthew Wolfenden, whose love blossomed in the Yorkshire village, have revealed they kick-started the birth of their overdue son -- by driving over cobbles.

The pair welcomed their first child, Buster Lawrence Wolfenden, in early April, eight days after his due date.


They reckon his eventual arrival was spurred on by a bumpy ride the day before.

Wolfenden (30) told OK! magazine: "We tried all the old wives' tales -- we went for a curry and we also drove down a bumpy cobbled street.

"Charley actually went into labour the day after that, so we think that did the trick."

Webb (22) added: "We were at a restaurant when I started having contractions. By the time we'd had our main course they were stronger so we had to go to hospital.

"I don't think Matthew was impressed -- I think he wanted to finish his steak!"

The new mother said labour was less gruelling than she expected, despite a close shave when she almost clobbered her boyfriend.

He said: "There was one point where she came close to hitting me with the gas and air pipe.

"I think I was just saying something like, 'Come on, let's be positive'."

She continued: "At that point I just wanted to hit him in the face. I just thought, oh shut up! But to be honest I thought I'd be a lot worse -- apart from trying to attack him, I was okay."


The couple also revealed they are planning to tie the knot after Wolfenden surprised his girlfriend with a Christmas Day proposal.

Webb is on maternity leave from her role as mechanic Debbie Dingle, a part she has played since 2002, and is due to return later in the year. Wolfenden has played councillor David Metcalfe for three and a half years.