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So, another baby for the 'Eltons', and weird is now just normal

ELTON John and David Furnish are expecting their second child in February, reports say. Yes, little Zachary will have a baby bro in a few months' time -- seemingly from the same woman who gave birth to Zachary.

This whole story is incredible. Not the working of the surrogacy, which no doubt is fascinating, but rather the acceptance of these two men having a child and possibly another one on the way.

Many people were shocked three years ago when news got around that Messrs John and Furnish were to have a child. The how, who, when and why caused a media storm -- with ethical questions ranging from two men having a child, to Elton being a tad old to be a dad. But there is nothing better than a celebrity to break a taboo -- celebrities do have the power to help people to accept 'not-the-norm' activities. We somehow accept more easily the choices of the entertainers of this world.


When David Bowie and Iman met on a blind date in 1990, it still would have been frowned upon by many that this was an inter-racial couple. But their beauty, their fame and their standings in the world of fashion and music gave their relationship an acceptability most others would not have experienced. When Madonna used her songs, her videos and her body to break every taboo going in the 1980s, half of us squealed with delight, while the other half shouted 'put them away'. But Madonna brought sex and sexuality into the mainstream.

When Elton John and David Furnish introduce their next child to the world, we will all rush to buy the magazines that have this 21st-century family's photos. The who, how, why and when won't matter as much, as the world now accepts the look and lifestyle of Elton and David's clan.

They are easy to knock, but sometimes we need celebrities to help the cause and fight the fight.