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Smitten Sarah shows off her bundle of joy

IT'S hard to believe that these two only met a few days ago.

Little Robyn Vaughan enjoyed her first starring role in front of the camera, cradled in the arms of her doting mum.

Popular model Sarah McGovern gave birth to her little girl on Monday night.

Robyn is the first daughter for the model and husband, Kenny Vaughan.

The couple also have son Jude (2), who is delighted with his baby sister.

"I can't quite believe I'm a mother of two now," Sarah told the Herald. "But I'm loving it; we're smitten with her and Jude is being great with her so far."

Despite being overdue for 10 days before going into labour, Sarah is in great form and looked relaxed as she held her new arrival.

Sarah endured just one hour of labour before Robyn arrived and the family are now happily ensconced in their Dublin home.

It took the couple a few days to decide on the name, but they said once they got home and had a good look at their daughter, they knew what to call her.

"We're so thrilled and can't believe we have one of each," Sarah said.

The 33-year-old said she will return to modelling as soon as she feels ready and as long as there is work.

Model boss Andrea Roche, who is due her first child this year, and model Pippa O'Connor havesent messages of support.