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Smitten Niall hints that he's fallen for Demi, reveals brother Greg

One Direction singer Niall Horan has hinted to his own family that his friendship with Demi Lovato is turning romantic.

The strongest indication that the teen stars are falling for each other has come from Niall's own brother, Greg.

Greg told the Herald that he recently spoke to Niall about the relationship that has set Hollywood abuzz.

If the One Direction star and the X Factor judge Demi form a love bond, it would be a relationship to rival teen heart-throbs Justin Beiber and Selena Gomez.

Niall seems reluctant to rule out a budding romance and was even coy on the subject to his brother.

The singing sensation, who is currently on tour in America with One Direction, kept his cards close to his chest when asked about Demi by older brother Greg (25).

"I asked him the other night on the phone and he said, 'Maybe, maybe not. I can't exactly say. At this time, all I'm saying is that some of what is in the papers is true. I've been talking to her and I've met her at different functions. If something happens, it happens; if it doesn't, it doesn't'," Greg revealed.

While Greg is confident that Niall is keen on Demi, he isn't so quick to believe the hype. "I think he'd like it, I think he enjoys her friendship and yes, I think he'd like more," he says.

Greg, who works as a supervisor in a Spar shop in Mullingar, also revealed how he and his family rarely get to speak to Niall while he is on tour with the band, particularly with the time difference with America.

"We wouldn't hear from him a lot, but if he needs to talk to you, he'll talk to you. We're the kind of people who just sit back. He has to concentrate on his career and the time difference is a bit of a killer. We know he misses us, but we wouldn't change it for the world -- he's living his dream."

But despite only intermittent contact with his younger brother, Greg has no need to worry about the 18-year-old heartthrob, who has always been level-headed, especially when it comes to his finances and the trappings of fame.

"Money never bothered Niall and he won't spend much money, even now that he has a bit of it. He's very mature in that way and he's very responsible.

"He's not going to go and be stupid and buy 20 Ferraris in different colours. He still checks his phone bills and I'm glad that he has that worrying streak about money, because it will keep him safe.

"He'll never have to worry financially because he won't have blown it all."