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Slime time for the stars as Miley leads winners at Kids' Choice awards

FANS and stars alike were 'slimed' when an awards ceremony descended into chaos.

From start to finish, the gooey green stuff poured onto fans in the front rows of the Nickel-odeon television network's Kids' Choice Awards.

Stars ranging from Miley Cyrus to the Black Eyed Peas came away winners.

The 2011 ceremony got off to a monstrous start as host Jack Black drove a 10ft tall monster truck over the top of two fancy limousines, then performed a song with the Black Eyed Peas.

The first winner was Johnny Depp, who was named favourite movie actor for his role as the Mad Hatter in Alice In Wonderland, and after collecting his orange blimp Kids' Choice trophy, he pulled out a hose and dowsed the kids with slime.

Russell Brand got the green stuff flung at him while giving the award for favourite animated movie voice to Eddie Murphy in Shrek Forever After. Model Heidi Klum took a face full of the stuff when she handed out the blimp for favourite TV actress to Selena Gomez of Wizards of Waverly Place.

Two performers who didn't get the slime -- which is considered an honour -- were Miley Cyrus, named favourite movie actress for The Last Song and Jaden Smith, who scooped a blimp for The Karate Kid.