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Siva begs The Wanted's fans not to hate 1D supporters

THE Wanted star Siva Kaneswaren has pleaded with fans of the world's two biggest boy bands to stop fighting each other.

Fans of One Direction and The Wanted have been embroiled in an online war over which pop act is better.

The Wanted features Dublin singer Siva in their line-up, while One Direction has Mullingar teenager Niall Horan.


Both bands have enjoyed recent global success following their respective North America tours.

The Wanted saw their single Glad You Came sell a staggering two million copies in the US while One Direction's summer anthem What Makes You Beautiful sold about the same amount. However, despite their similar styles and each having an Irish singer, the fans are fighting.

Now Siva has asked fans to stop the fighting.

He has condemned a recent tweet encouraging 1D fans to "hate" The Wanted fans. "A terrible article that encourages fan bases to hate on each other. Every fan in any fan base deserves 100pc respect," said Siva.

The article talked about a "lucky" 1D fan who was pulled on stage by the band during a concert -- but who was then the target of online haters.

It advised fans not to hate the fan for being so fortunate. "Lucky fans don't deserve your hate. Fans of The Wanted do," it read.

Meanwhile, The Wanted continue to rise in the US after they landed a slot on the soundtrack for upcoming movie Ice Age 4. Their current single Chasing The Sun has been selected as the lead track on the album which will accompany the film, due to be released in the coming weeks.