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Singer storms off stage after missiles thrown

IT was mayhem when Axl Rose took to the stage of the O2 last night -- and not in a good way.

Fans were geared up for one of the most anticipated concerts of the year -- a sell-out Guns n' Roses gig -- but the performance was riddled with diva strops and disappointment when the band stormed off stage after playing just four songs.

After waiting for nearly four hours for the band to begin, restless fans had begun relentless booing.

Revellers were forced to endure more than an hour of the support act, who were eventually booed due to the extensive length of their performance.


But at 10:30pm the reformatted Guns N' Roses finally graced us with their presence and launched into some of their biggest hits.

But alas, it wasn't to last.

Fans were still reeling at the length of time they had been forced to wait and water bottles were thrown on stage.

After just two songs, Axl threatened to walk off -- seemingly unaware of what had made fans so angry -- and begged revellers not to throw more items at him.

But after wrapping up Welcome To The Jungle, Axl said "goodnight" to the audience and disappeared backstage for more than an hour.

An announcement that they were undergoing "technical difficulties" resulted in hundreds of fans promptly leaving the venue.

And after another 15 minutes of waiting, another announcement explained: "We are trying to get Axl to come back on stage. Please refrain from throwing things at him".

He promised a "great concert" if guests could keep their behaviour in check

And he told audience members that the band would return only if we were "good".

But at that stage, the lights had been turned back on and most fans had left. Some came back when they heard that they decided to return at 11:30pm -- and the diehard minority refused to leave until they got their money's worth, which eventually they did.

In the meantime, Axl Rose solidified his reputation as the biggest diva in rock n' roll.


Years in the spotlight seem to have taken their toll on Rose, who -- after eventually returning to the stage after 11:30pm -- told guests not to "ruin it for Dublin".

He said that he had "such a great time" last time they performed in the capital and warned that they would storm off again if needs be.

While the bottle throwing and booing didn't end there, the band made their peace with it and were eventually met with a rapturous applause when they wrapped up at nearly 1am.