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Singer Daisy admits that she's in love with Kelly

Model Daisy Lowe has described herself as a "mild lesbian" and revealed that she has got the hots for Kelly Brook.

Lowe (22) has been dating Doctor Who star Matt Smith since they met at Coachella, a Californian music festival, last year.

But she told GQ magazine that fellow model Brook was "such a hottie" and, asked if she liked women, said: "Yes, I think women are really hot."

She added: "I am, pretty much, a mild lesbian."

Lowe, who became the face of the relaunched fashion label Biba last year, said of her own figure: "Women are so much more beautiful when they have shape.


"And I'm proud to be part of this renewed appreciation of womanly assets. Although I do think Mad Men has a lot to answer for."

The model, who is the daughter of Britpop's Pearl Lowe and Bush singer Gavin Rossdale, previously had a fling with producer Mark Ronson.

She said of current flame Smith: "We're good. We care about each other a lot. He's really cool. He's a wonder-man. I think he's brilliant."

The catwalk star, who first appeared in music videos at the age of two, said: "I suppose all the other people I've met who started that young are absolutely awful.

"But whenever I'd come home and be even remotely up my arse, my mum would pull me down with a hard slap."