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Sinead's tuppence worth on X Factor so predictable

SINEAD O'Connor doesn't need much of an excuse to spout off, but with a new album to sell, it's inevitable that she'd be willing to give her tuppence worth on the burning issues of the day.

And equally predictable is the utter lack of self-awareness that her comments on The X Factor reveal.

Sinead claims that the show exploits people who are not in their right mind just to get good ratings, but saves her most scathing comments for one judge.

"I can't stand Gary Barlow," says Sinead, "he has a horrible way of looking at people. I find it excruciating. If he was my son I'd be having a serious word with him."

Sinead wouldn't, she claims, let her children by humiliated by someone who looks strangely at them. What she will do, however, is embarrass the living bejaysus of her children by writing at length, and in toe-curling detail, about her suicidal feelings, her desperate attempt to snare a boyfriend, and the unorthodox acts that she would like him to perform on her body.

So Gary Barlow is excruciating and the X Factor exploits vulnerable people for publicity?

Well, Sinead is well placed to comment on that -- after all, when it comes to being excruciating and allowing people with mental health issues to be exploited by the media, Sinead is the Guv'nor.