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Sinead doesn't want too much muscle to model

IT takes a lot of work to stay looking trim for the cameras, but the only problem former Miss Ireland Sinead Noonan has is getting too toned.

With a background in competitive swimming and an interest in water polo, the AR model (left) told the Diary she rarely has to worry about her figure.

Unlike other catwalk beauties, who are constantly in the gym working out to be in tip top shape, Sinead has a fitness background.

"I work out, I go to a trainer, but I was a competitive swimmer growing up, so I find it easy to keep in shape.

"Actually, if I work out too much I get too toned or my muscles look too big, so I have to keep the exercise light," she revealed.

"My family is really healthy too so, I've kept up the healthy regime largely throughout my life," said the leggy brunette, who helped launch No Smoking Day for Nicorette yesterday.

Five years on from winning the Miss Ireland crown, the ex-pageant queen is still enjoying a busy working schedule in modelling.