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Simon finds some fans in high places

For those eagerly awaiting the Irish release of US comedy Delivery Man this Friday, funnyman Vince Vaughn is the main subject of interest.

However, competition winners and fans will descend on Cineworld on Parnell Street for a special screening of the flick where they will see two Irish stars – Jack Reynor and Simon Delaney – in action on screen.

One of Dublin's best known actors over the years, Delaney (left) has starred in everything from Irish comedy Moone Boy to gritty crime drama The Fall.

As his career continues to take off over the Atlantic it seems that the star-studded cast of Delivery Man are also big fans of the actor.



Delaney plays the no-nonsense brother of Vaughn in the comedy flick and he immediately hit it off with the US actor and his fellow cast members.

"The second I met him I knew I was going to know this guy for the rest of my life," Delaney's co-star Bobby Moynihan told the Diary.

"He's the best. He's a good guy," added the actor who plays the younger brother of Delaney and Vaughn in the film.