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Sile keeps in trim as she gets set for 'terrifying' Ironman challenge

SILE Seoige has revealed how she has been keeping fit ahead of her forthcoming challenge at the Ironman triathlon.

The glamorous Galwegian is due to cycle in the intensive race on September 4, alongside fellow RTE star Kathryn Thomas, who will run, and Siobhan, the wife of celebrity trainer Paul Byrne, who will swim on the day.

The trio are set to take part to raise funds for Autism Action, with Boyzone's Keith Duffy also signed up to compete in the Galway event.

Sile (32) explained how she gave her older sister Grainne a fright when she told her about previous footage of the annual event.

According to the Newstalk presenter: "It's amazing. There's no doubt it's going to be a very difficult. I've watched footage of it and I could see a man at one stage on a bike vomiting on himself.

"I told Grainne and she was like 'What?'

"Anyway I think it's amazing what they're doing. That's pure fitness and takes a lot of work. Fair play to them."


Meanwhile Sile herself has been kept busy this summer with her radio gig at Newstalk. Yesterday saw the brunette broadcaster step in to host regular Newstalk presenter Sean Moncrieff's lunchtime show.

Sile is a regular stand-in on the show and also presented the programme last Friday while Sean enjoyed some time off.

The ambitious presenter caused waves at the station yesterday when she was joined in the studio by a puppy and a kid goat from the DSPCA.

"The staff at Moncrieff, they love really love small and cute things," she explained. "Rarely does a day go by when we're in the office and there isn't some talk of puppies, kittens or some other miniature or other really cute creature.

"Sean himself is not so inclined. So while he's away the team thought; 'Okay great. Sile, do you like animals?'

"I said 'yep' and it was 'Okay great, we'll have some beautiful little creatures into studio',"

The star says she's still thoroughly enjoying presenting her own weekend show, Shenanigans With Sile, and plans to continue developing it.