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Sile jokes about how Kylie gig was such a thrill

SILE SEOIGE has become an overnight online sensation after making an x-rated comment about Kylie Minogue's concert at the O2.

Pretty Sile had a massive reaction to her Twitter page after making the comment about last night's show.

She was inundated with comments, with hundreds of Irish fans taking to the internet to express their opinions -- many too graphic to print -- on the presenter's comment.


However, Sile was clearly unaffected by the online frenzy, saying this morning that she doesn't regret the quip.

"No regrets. (My) tongue was firmly placed in cheek. Gig was fantastic. Up for work on this lovely morning... I had no idea it would cause a stir," she said.

Meanwhile, fresh from her two sold-out gigs in the O2, Kylie Minogue mixed with fans at Dublin's Dylan hotel.

The singer happily posed for pictures and signed autographs for fans outside the Ballsbridge boutique hotel, where she was staying for her stint in the capital, before heading to the O2.

A handful of loyal Kylie fans camped outside her hotel in order to catch a glimpse of the star, and were pleasantly surprised when she stopped to greet them.

And while her record-breaking tour features no fewer than eight bespoke Dolce & Gabbana creations, her look was a far cry from the over the top glamour she sports on stage. Kylie instead opted for 'boho chic' with a wide-brimmed fedora and oversized shoulder bag.

And the eco-conscious Aussie shunned a limousine to transport her from the Dylan to the O2, instead opting for two Lexus Hybrid cars.

At the gig, Kylie offered the 'Best Dressed' fan a signed brochure for her concert, and eventually chose an adorable young girl who took inspiration from the star in a showgirl get-up. "Yes, little showgirl Lauren took home tonight's win," she said.

But she supported another eager fan dressed as a gladiator, saying: "Honorable mention, he claims to have made costume himself after slaying an ox with his bare hands and skinning it with his teeth."