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Shy star Nutini sings the praises of Damien

SINGER Paolo Nutini has admitted he gets most of his inspiration from Irish star Damien Rice.

The shy Scots singer describes his hero as "that little Irishman ... Damien Rice".

In the past, the Candy singer has made no secret of his admiration for Irish music, particularly the influence Rice has had on his songwriting.

"I remember hearing O a long time before Damien released it," he recently said.

"I think the first thing was the song Volcano on a VH1 special. A black-and-white video with just him and Lisa Hannigan singing the song.

"And then I found other pieces of music. I found the release date of the record, and that made me pick up a guitar, really, because I could play most of the album over four or five chords. So it helped me, it helped me a lot," he said.

Last week, the notoriously private singer appeared in the window of Clerys to show his support to the FM104/ISPCC campaign.

Eager fans had begun queuing as early as 6am on Friday in a bid to catch a glimpse of their hero.

After appearing at the Brits on Tuesday night, the Last Request singer was in the capital gearing up for his performance at the Meteor Awards last night.

The Glasgow native hit it big in 2006 after his album These Streets went to number one and followed up with a sellout Irish tour and another number one album, Sunny Side Up.

But the pin-up has disappointed his hordes of female fans as he revealed he is thinking about asking his long-term girlfriend Teri to move in with him, admitting it was time to "take the next step".