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She's still pregnant in Fair City ... but Sarah's delighted with new baby Rachel

IT'S a case of life imitating art for one Fair City actress.

Sarah Flood, who plays Suzanne Doyle, has just given birth to a gorgeous baby girl.

Her character Suzanne is currently pregnant on the show, but has been sent to Australia by scriptwriters.

Sarah (30) already has a three- year-old daughter with husband Laurence Flood (32) and the happy couple welcomed little Rachel just before the Easter weekend.

"Sarah and Laurence are both thrilled to be parents again.

"Rachel is a dote and Jennifer is excited to have a little sister to look after and play with." While Sarah's character, Suzanne Doyle -- also known as Suzanne Halpin -- has moved to Australia, it is expected that she will return to Carringstown in a few months.

However, it is yet unknown if the Fair City regular will return with a baby in tow.


Suzanne is currently expecting a child with David Osbourne, after her failed relationship with husband Damien, towards whom she was physically violent last year.

However, an RTE spokesperson said that there were no plans at present for Sarah to play a mother on screen after her return from her own maternity break. And it is believed that Sarah's daughter would not be cast to play her child on set as well as at home, should Suzanne return from Australia with David's child.

"There is no storyline mooted, nor is there any precedent for a cast member's baby to appear on the show," an RTE spokesperson told the Herald.

Nonetheless, Sarah has worked on the show for more than two decades, and her career could inspire her daughters to take up acting in the future.

The talented actress was cast as Suzanne Doyle more than two decades ago and has become one of the longest standing characters on the programme.

"It was great fun. My sister Alex, (who played the first Yvonne) and my brother Robert were extras to start with and we were always thrilled when we got a line or two! We loved going in for the day and the crew used to give us chocolate and crisps from Doyle's corner shop," she said earlier this year.

"We just thought it was great craic and I got a few quid for it, which was great! That was the Fair City pilot and a few months later I got the part.

"I was only eight. I loved coming in; it was so exciting," she also said.

Sarah and Laurence met in Australia when she took a year out from the soap to travel for 12 months in 2003.