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She's behind you Linda . . . and Twink's got a knife!

The gloves are off and the claws are out in the nastiest row to ever hit Ireland's panto world.

Stage dame Twink landed a low blow on former Eurovision winner Linda Martin by advising her to take hormone replacement tablets.

When asked about the ongoing row between the duo, Grumpy Old Women star Twink said: "Poor Linda is singing in a field off a hymn sheet on her own and myself and the cast and the crew and the producer are all in another field wondering what she's at.

"Because it's all of us and poor old Linda banging on there. I think it's menopausal. The rest of us have one story and Linda has another one.

"So I'll leave that to Linda.

"God love her. You can get tablets for it. There's HRT tablets. Very good when you start ranting like that."

The stage veteran, whose real name is Adele King, (59) has said she was "appalled" at the reports surrounding the tragic death of 2FM star Gerry Ryan last month.

And she has also confirmed she has buried the hatchet with her ex husband David Agnew, four years on from her notorious 'Zip up your M**key' rant on his mobile.

She has revealed how she was left gobsmacked at the dramatic disclosures that Gerry's heart attack last April was a result of cocaine use.

"I am absolutely appalled. I was away when the whole thing broke but I think Gerry Ryan was a consummate professional," she said.

"We were friends since I was about 10 or 11 and Gerry was about six. We were friends from childhood, I knew him growing up. He was the best friend I had the week I was in hospital. He rang me every morning and every afternoon.

"He gave me great strength. He was under an awful lot of stress himself but he was pulling me up by the bootstraps saying, 'get out of there, you're letting stress get to you'."

She said that getting up every morning and talking to the nation for three hours every day, five days a week was "no mean feat".

"He gave the nation his heart and soul, he took people out of depressive states, doldrums.

"He gave people a kick up the arse then they needed it, he was the nation's pal.


"I don't condone drugs because there are too many awful deaths out there. I don't do drugs and never did. I don't like them, I don't condone it but what Gerry Ryan does in his own time, in his own house, is Gerry Ryan's business as far as I'm concerned."