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Sheen's wife in intensive care

Actor Charlie Sheen's wife is in intensive care with a high fever and an infection following mouth surgery.

Brooke Sheen's lawyer said the new development might again delay a court hearing in the domestic violence case involving her husband, the star of sitcom Two and a Half Men.

Mrs Sheen was running a fever of 105 degrees when she was taken to Sherman Oaks Hospital in Los Angeles.

Her lawyer said the prosecutor's office in Aspen, Colorado, had agreed to the actor's request to visit his wife in hospital.

The Sheens are under a court order to stay away from each other.

Disease link to non-stick pans

Scientists have linked a chemical used in consumer goods like non-stick pans and water-resistant fabrics with thyroid disease.

This link raises questions about the potential health risks of exposure to the substance.

A study found that people with high levels of the chemical perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) in their blood have higher rates of thyroid diseases -- conditions which affect the body's metabolism.

PFOA is a common chemical, used in industrial and consumer products.

But the study did not establish whether PFOA was causing higher levels of thyroid disease.