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Sheen faces 30 days in jail for attack

Charlie Sheen is expected to enter a new plea admitting assaulting his wife and could spend up to 30 days in jail.

Sheen (44) will enter the plea to a misdemeanor assault charge and, with credit for good behaviour, a possible 30-day jail sentence could be reduced to 17 days, said celebrity website TMZ.

A district attorney in Aspen, Colorado, where Sheen was charged, said he could not confirm or deny the plea, and an attorney for Sheen said no deal had yet been reached.

Sheen, the highest-paid actor in television for his hit US show Two And A Half Men, is due in an Aspen courtroom on Monday next to face a judge in the matter.

The star of television and movies was arrested on Christmas Day for assaulting his wife, Brooke Mueller.


She told police Sheen pulled a knife on her when she threatened to divorce him.

Both had been drinking at the time, and both later entered rehab facilities.

In February, Sheen was charged with menacing, misdemeanor assault and criminal mischief, which is a felony in America.

In March, he originally pleaded not guilty and still faces up to three years behind bars if convicted.

An original trial date was set for July 21, but late last week, officials in Aspen scheduled Monday's hearing.

Since then speculation has been that he will change his plea to no contest and spend time in jail to avoid a lengthy probation.

His show is not currently in production, so a brief stint in jail would have no immediate impact on shooting.