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'She will always tell it like it is'

Colette Caddle is a writer who has just published her 11th novel (Always on My Mind, Simon & Schuster). She's a mum of two and lives in north Co Dublin. She is friends with Joy Prabhakar, also a mum of two who works in childcare. We asked them about their friendship.


"I first met Joy when my eldest son was two months old -- my first book was about to be launched and I was about to start writing my second. I was finding it hard to manage writing and wanting to spend time with my son. I didn't want to put him in a creche and wanted to find someone to look after him in the house for a few hours. I put up an ad and Joy got in touch.

"As soon as I met her and talked to her, I knew she was the person that I wanted to look after Peter. This love of children came from her. When Joy got a job in a Montessori, she was no longer able to look after Peter but I bumped into her again and then sent Peter to the Montessori where she worked.

"Joy is incredibly straight -- she will tell it like it is. She's a warm and natural person and would do anything for anyone.

"We're both busy people but we do see each other every couple of weeks. We talk about everything from world politics to religion to handbags!"


"Colette was one of the first people I got to know when I moved to Ireland from India 12 years ago. I was Montessori-trained in India and I knew I wanted to stay working in that area. It was great when I saw Colette's ad and, when we met, we straight away took a liking to each other.

"Later on, we didn't see each other for a year-and-a-half until we bumped into each other in the supermarket. I was delighted to see Colette again. We meet up for dinner or lunch and we always keep in touch by phone.

"I like Colette's gentle mannerisms and the way she conducts herself -- so lady like. She's warm and hospitable and if I was ever having a bad day, she'd know how to lift me up. She also has a great sense of humour and I admire the love she has for her boys."

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