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Sharon's sticky problem as she reads the news in a plaster

NEWSREADER Sharon Ni Bheolain is the subject of much speculation after she appeared on television wearing a plaster on her forehead.

The RTE broadcaster had viewers taken aback yesterday, when she covered what appears to be an injury with a plaster as she read the evening news.

A spokesperson has explained that the 41-year-old has been covering up a couple of stitches, which are due to be taken out tomorrow.

It is not clear how Sharon ended up with the gash on her forehead, but a spokesperson said the cut is not serious.


Social media sites went into a frenzy when the Six One host appeared sporting the band aid, with many wondering what happened to her and asking if it was a fashion statement.

Radio presenter Hector O hEochagain raised the issue this morning on his 2fm show.

He joked that simply because he and the TV news anchor worked at the same national station, that did not mean he knew what had happened to the blonde.

He also said that Ms Ni Bheolain is one of the "finest" and most "beautiful" women at Montrose.