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Sharon reveals turkey-plucker past

FUNNY girl Sharon Horgan has revealed how a bizarre past involving plucking feathers and old birds was the inspiration behind her new comedy show.

Sharon (42) and her rugby star brother, Shane, grew up on a turkey farm in Co Meath, which made for pretty unusual Christmas holidays.

"Christmas was completely different in our house compared to most others," the mum of two says.

"I was brought up on a turkey farm and, well, turkeys are Christmas. It was nuts. It was this crazy kick-b******-scramble of turkeys, deliveries, feathers and lunacy. It was always amazing though"

Sharon is the latest Irish comedian to pen and direct one of Sky's Little Crackers, and she has drawn on past experiences to help her.


The annual series allows celebrities to recall their favourite Christmas memories and Sharon will detail her adventures on the turkey farm.

The Have I Got News presenter says that while the script may seem far-fetched, everything is based on reality.

"Everything in the story is true, but it didn't all happen in the one year.

"You had a choice between plucking, or you could be at the table handing out the birds for plucking and cleaning them up."

She says that being surrounded by turkeys all year long meant that she was slightly sick of the bird by the time Christmas rolled round.

Sharon will be playing the part of her own mother. "I haven't told her yet," Sharon says. "Mum doesn't haven't much to say, it just means I'll be directing people while sporting an 80s Irish look."