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Sexton sidesteps D'Arcy roomshare

IRELAND rugby star Jonathan Sexton refuses to share rooms with team-mate Gordon D'Arcy because of his messy habits.

Self-confessed "neat freak" Jonathan said he had to put in a particular request to the Irish team management about his choice of roommate.

But the fly-half said that one of his bugbears was untidiness and said he got fed up with dirty clothes around the room.

"I roomed with Gordon D'Arcy for a year but now put in a request not to," he said.

"I'm a neat freak, but he's disgustingly messy and leaves a trail of dirty boxers from his bed to the shower."

Sexton currently shares with his Leinster teammate Eoin Reddan who he describes as a "good friend from Leinster and a non-snorer".

"You get to chose your room-mate for Test week, but at other times the coaches mix us up," he explained.

The player, who came on after 50 minutes to replace Ronan O'Gara in Cardiff last weekend, said that the Irish players are constantly playing pranks on each other.

He listed Tomas O'Leary, Tommy Bowe and Donncha O'Callaghan as the worst on the Ireland team and Fergus McFadden with Leinster.

"Sean O'Brien lost all his phone numbers, and they texted him pretending to be a girl he likes and arranging a date," Sexton said.

"He turned up at the pub, hair gelled and with aftershave on, and all the lads were there waiting for him."

The Dubliner told publication Rugby World that although he is focusing on rugby at the moment, he also thinks about life after the national team.

"I'd like to have a family and have a career after rugby, although I've not thought about that yet," he said. "And get my golf handicap lower too."

In the interview, Sexton (26) said that he still has some regrets about his performance in matches, but tries not to linger on them.