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Sex scene for TV horror series was a 'unique' experience – Cristiona

QUELLE Horreur! Irish model Cristiona Aston was caught in a compromising clinch with US movie star Reeve Carney and a gaggle of ingenues last week.

But don't worry; it was all in the name of art. Clare native Cristiona (32) features in Josh Hartnett's new TV series Penny Dreadful and was filming a rather risque sex scene.

"I was attending an opium orgy hosted by Dorian Gray," she told the Diary.

"So it was a unique experience to say the least, there were a few naked women wandering about and a couple in the throes of passion.

"It was a fun shoot to be part of. My costume was very tight and very tiny. I was wearing these see-through bloomers and a corset that left very little to the imagination."

The eight-part horror series will focus on some of literature's most famous characters and their origin stories – including Dr Frankenstein and his creature, Dorian Gray, and characters from Dracula.

Josh Harnett plays the lead role of Ethan Chandler but unfortunately Cristiona didn't get to share the screen with the Hollywood heartthrob.

"No I didn't get to see him, I was in hair and make-up for too long and we just missed each other," said Cristiona.

But Cristiona spent plenty of time getting up, close and personal with Reeve Carney who played the lead role of Peter Parker in U2's Broadway musical; SpiderMan: Turn Off The Dark.

"Reeve plays Dorian Gray, and was at the centre of the opium orgy. He's a great actor and it was lovely working with him," Cristiona said.

The slim model is well used to film sets; her sister Fionnuala Aston-Ardee, who is married to Lord Anthony Ardee, lives in the majestic surroundings of Kilruddery House.

"There are always lots of shoots going on there," Cristiona explained.



"Far and Away and The Tudors both used it for shoots. So I have wandered about film sets but this was my first time working on a set."

The chatty model, who has been dating her boyfriend David Morrisroe for three years, discovered her passion for the arts in the last two years.

"I studied Law in Portobello College and practised for four years. But two years ago I decided to give it all up and focus on modelling and acting," she said.

"I spent the summer studying acting over in London and have done acting courses in The Gaiety and in New York. So I'm ready to start auditioning.

"I've done some TV presenting and like to keep my options open but acting is where I want to go."

And with beauty and brains – we think this ingenue will go far.