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Seeing double as fashion icon Faye meets her mannequin ...

IRISH model Faye Dinsmore has been immortalised in the international fashion industry.

The former Assets model (22), who left the agency in a blaze of publicity earlier this year, is following in the footsteps of supermodels Twiggy, Erin O'Connor and Agyness Deyn by having a mannequin modelled after her.

And she is set to grace the halls of Chanel, Dior and a string of other major fashion houses when her specially made mannequin by Rootstein goes for sale.

Rootstein prides itself on being able to recognise future fashion icons among the latest models -- and spotted the statuesque beauty and former Trinity College student earlier this year.

Creative director Kevin Arpino explained the importance of finding the right body type for their mannequins, which now average at 6'1" in height.

"Floaty clothes really need mannequins with a bit of movement to bring them to life. Otherwise they just hang there."

The average Rootstein takes 18 months to make -- which includes extensive casting of both male and female models. The chosen few then spend three weeks with a special sculptor hired by the company when a life-size clay model is made.

Then the hair and make up is added by hand by yet another Rootstein artist.