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Secret to my well toned body? I hit the gym five times a week - Lynn

TWO trainers and hardcore gym sessions five times a week -- that's what it takes for model Lynn Kelly to have a ripped physique.

The 23-year-old said an intensive training regime is responsible for her enviable abs -- and she's only too happy to show them off.

Looking toned and sporting a stomach of rock solid abs, the Assets model told the Herald she's never felt so fit and healthy.

"With summer coming I started in a gym called Beneath The Surface a couple of months ago and I'm really starting to see results now.

"I don't really go by pounds, but I've lost a lot of body fat, so I'm delighted.

"These are my first proper training sessions -- before I would've just gone to the gym on my own and when I got tired, I'd stop.

"Now I have someone pushing me the whole time and the guys there really don't take any prisoners. I've been working very hard," said Lynn, who hails from Jervis Street in Dublin city centre.

And her boyfriend of seven years Robert Barr is highly impressed.

"Rob obviously likes what I look like anyway, but he's been extremely complimentary lately. I've actually dragged him into the gym too, so he's been starting as well, which is great."


Lynn admitted that while she gave her trainers an idea of how she wanted to her curves to look, she would never try to be stick thin to boost her career.

"I think in Ireland the models are more toned than skinny, that's a better way to be. We don't look bony and that sends out an important message.

"Anyone can starve themselves, but giving dedication to properly working out is much better for you."

The brunette beauty is gearing up for her upcoming trek to the Himalayas with model pals Roz Purcell, Louise Johnston, Emily McKeogh and Daniella Moyles.

The group are set to take off on their adventure in September.

Lynn insisted the upcoming challenge will be more difficult than Catwalk To Kilimanjaro last year.

"I want to be in good shape for the Himalayas. It won't just be hiking like last year, we'll be kayaking and cycling too, so it's definitely going to be tougher."

Since stepping up her game, Lynn has noticed she's getting a lot more work on the press call circuit.

"It helps if the body's looking good obviously."

She has also ruled out a move from Assets to AR as she is getting plenty of work.

"Assets are loyal to me so I'm going to be loyal to them."