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Second time lucky for Diana's dress as Roz wears it in Vegas

IS this the official lucky dress of Miss Universe Ireland?

This Synan O'Mahony gown won Diana Donnelly (20) the crown at Miss Universe Ireland last year -- and Rozanna Purcell (19) is clearly hoping it will have the same lucky effect in Las Vegas.

As the UCD student battles it out against 100 other beauties for the title of Miss Universe, she is required to attend countless networking events and social lunches -- and needs a killer wardrobe.

The Clonmel beauty was spotted sporting the same white gown that her predecessor wore the night she was crowned Ireland's top beauty queen last year at an event earlier this week.


Pageant organiser Andrea Roche explained to the Herald that the high-profile designer gave both girls a loan of the item for their Miss Universe stints.

"Synan gave Diana a loan of the dress last year for Miss Universe Ireland. And she brought it over with her to the Bahamas as well, but she wound up losing weight over there and it didn't actually fit her in the end -- it was too big for her. But now it fits Roz and Synan gave it to her.

"She wore it to one of the random events. I believe it was a dinner where they met some of the sponsors."

The former beauty queen explained that Rozanna's coveted wardrobe is worth several thousand euro -- and the girls' unique gown is worth a small fortune.

"That dress would be worth thousands -- it's heavily beaded with Swarovski stones," she explained.

"She has a massive wardrobe over there, with clothes worth about €60,000. She has about five bags of dresses and she hasn't worn half of it yet.

"She's absolutely loving it," Andrea added.

Rozanna previously revealed that she would be sporting some of Diana's frocks at this year's competition due to the number of outfits she is required to wear.

And the Assets model said she was eager to wear Irish designers.

"I'd like to promote Irish designers as much as possible -- at the end of the day I am representing Ireland. It would be great if a few of my main pieces could be from home," she said before she jetted off to Nevada for the event.

Andrea is now preparing to join her protegee in Las Vegas, alongside her new beau Rob White.

"I'm going next Wednesday, I can't wait to just get over there now. And I haven't seen Donald Trump in years.

"I'll be going to some of the dinners and a networking event -- it's mostly franchise owners and there will be a guy from the New York Film Academy, where the winner trains for one year," she said.

Rozanna sent pulses racing when she modelled a barely there evening gown earlier this week, but Roche confirmed that they will be saving her real dress, which is worth an estimated €6,000, as a "surprise" on the night.