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Scary for Sarah to shoot vampire flick with Lily

IRISH actress Sarah Bolger has admitted having a crisis of confidence as she prepares to join leggy catwalk queen Lily Cole on the big screen.

The talented screen star (19), who is set to jet to Montreal in Canada next month to begin filming The Moth Diaries, admits she is anxious about working alongside a stunning beauty like British model Lily.

Dubliner Sarah went on to explain how the film's director, Mary Harron of American Psycho fame, has also cast a second well known model for the picture.

"I haven't actually met Lily yet but I'm looking forward to it," she told the Herald. "I am a little bit intimidated about it. I mean she's absolutely gorgeous and has the most amazing figure.

"I'll have to wear my best clothes beside her all the time. They've also hired another model but I can't say too much about who it is yet.

"I'm definitely going to look really out of place beside them because they'll both be so tall," she added.

Sarah revealed how she has no qualms about quitting Ireland for three months in Montreal, given that she previously spent six months living there.

And the star insists that she has no romance in her life at present -- but admits that she will be lost without the love of her life, her dog Darby.

According to Sarah: "I don't have a boyfriend at the moment, everyone always asks me if I do but honestly I'm 100pc single.

"The only love in my life right now is Darby, my dog.

"I'm actually really going to miss him when I go away. My mum and sister will probably go over with me to help get me settled in but after that I'll be fending for myself."

Sarah's new film is based on a cult vampire novel written by Rachel Klein, and tells the story of a 16-year-old American girl sent to an elite all-girl boarding school following her father's suicide.

Sarah's character suffers from depression, psychosis and a personality disorder and later becomes convinced that new girl Ernessa is a vampire who is sucking on the blood of fellow boarders.

Sarah was speaking yesterday at the launch of Sony Ericsson's mobile phone HD video competition for Irish film makers.

The initiative will see the phone company collaborate with the Darklight Festival to find three aspiring film makers in Ireland, and help them make a short film each.

The finished shorts will be premiered on the opening night of the Darklight Festival on October 28.