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Scaredy cat Colin? Nah, he's far too cool for US telly host Ellen

COLIN Farrell was "cool for cats" during his latest appearance on an American prime-time TV slot.

The 36-year-old barely flinched as American TV host Ellen DeGeneres did her best to give him a scare.

Farrell was on the show to talk about his new dark comedy movie Seven Psychopaths, and in honour of National Cat Week, the American funny woman decided to give him a scare.

As Ellen casually engaged the star in conversation about cats and Farrell revealed that he is suspicious of felines, the costumed figure appeared silently at his shoulder.

However, the joke appeared to be on Ellen as he barely reacted and merely glanced around with a bemused look on his face.

"I'm obviously not afraid of them," he laughed.

The actor didn't find the claws to be uncomfortable and so the shock factor was clearly lost as Colin did not look too impressed. However, the stunt drew a laugh from the crowd as the fake feline let out a growl which sounded more like a lion than an actual cat and caused Farrell to remark: "He needs to do more character research."

The scare attempt was not the only surprise that awaited Farrell who told Ellen that he wears a pair of luck underwear on his first day of shooting of his movies.

When Colin, whose new movie Seven Psychopaths will premiere on Friday, joked that his underwear were threadbare, Ellen presented him with a new pair of undies with the label "lucky underwear".

He also told the TV hostess how he is shooting a new period piece in New York and the amusing outfits that come with the role. "I'm wearing a three-piece woollen suit and delightfully long underwear for a man," he said.