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Scalded Dara made A&E dash... once he finished watching match

COMEDIAN Dara O Briain made an emergency dash to A&E last week after receiving severe burns to his foot.

The Mock the Week star revealed how he was watching a soccer game between Arsenal and Porto when he became distracted and accidentally dropped a pan of boiling water over his left foot.

Despite being in agony with the self-induced injury, Gunners fan Dara says he endured the pain by using a bag of frozen peas to bring down the swelling.

The star admits he is such a big fan of Arsenal that he ignored the crucifying pain and continued to watch the game until the end, despite his wife's pleas to take him to the hospital immediately.

"I burned my foot, scalded is the technical term," Dara told Today FM's Ray D'Arcy Show yesterday.

"It was a sports injury officially because I was trying to watch the Arsenal/Porto game and make pasta at the same time and moving a pot from a ring and of course I spilled half its contents.

"I ended up watching the most important 10 minutes of the game sitting on my draining board with my foot in the sink with cold water running over it.

"The frozen peas lasted almost the whole way to A&E and then by the time we had got there they had begun to melt," he added.

Dara is now wearing an orthopedic sandal, as the dressing on his injury is too thick to fit a shoe over.

The comic, who is on a nationwide tour of Ireland, says he is not sure yet if he has permanently damaged his foot.

"I have no idea if it will be scarred for life, I'm not particularly bothered about it because it's only my foot, who'll see it?

"I'm wearing a sandal now. Colin Murphy came back stage at one of my gigs and said it looks like I'm wearing a kimono on my foot.

"The comedy crowd do not get it from their head that this isn't a gag.

"It's the same show but the addition of a crutch makes them think it's a joke and then they're always disappointed at the end when it turns out you've genuinely injured your foot," he added.