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Savage eye? You ain't half right Dave

IT'S official, David McSavage doesn't care what anyone thinks.

As if we didn't know it already, the Savage Eye star couldn't give too hoots about public opinion.

He has made a living as a no-holds-barred funnyman -- from poking fun at passersby on Grafton St as part of his live show to his hilarious skits on RTE's The Savage Eye.

But like all good comedians, he is now showing that he can make fun of himself.

As these pictures show, there is no line he won't cross for his art, and he is snapped looking every inch the seductress, wearing pink lingerie, stiletto heels and pearl necklaces for an exclusive photoshoot in his 'lair'.

The photos, which will be featured in The Dubliner magazine -- only available with tomorrow's Herald -- are his most engaging to date.

And he reveals what most of the victims of his stand-up act have known for some time -- that being likeable isn't one of his priorities.

"People have difficulty with me, but what's nice about this show is that people sort of say, 'I hate him, but that is funny'.

"Being likeable, saying things that people want to hear, you have to be a bit of an arse-licker, and I can't do that too much."

His hilarious sketches on The Savage Eye rip at nearly every cultural aspect of modern Ireland, but he defends his routine, saying: "Comedy is all about broken things and f**ked things. There is nothing funny about good things. There is a lot of good stuff, but that is not what I am concerned about."