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Saturdays star Una is singer Nerney's niece

Irish pop star Una Healy has country 'n' western roots -- her uncle is crooner Declan Nerney.

Declan's sister is Una's mum, Anne Healy. The country star is also Una's godfather.

Una is now blitzing the British pop scene as part of new girlband, sleek and sexy The Saturdays.

However, uncle Declan said that he didn't feel the need to reveal the family connection while Una shot to fame.

"I'm not one for jumping on the bandwagon," he said. "I'm the opposite of that and so is Una. I believe if you have merit and it airs well, it airs well. If it stands up great. It shouldn't be about connections."

The veteran added that Una performed with her cousins in Longford at family occasions but believes we have yet to see the best of her

"She has a great mind, a great brain," Declan told the Herald. "From her very early teens she was writing songs with very strong sentiment.

"There is a whole other side to her -- her songwriting ability, which I would estimate is 70pc of her talent.

"The Saturdays are fantastic. We're 1000pc behind them," he added.

Una (28) is also a fan of her uncle's work and knows all of the lyrics to his most famous song, The Marquee In Drumlish.


Music was a huge part of the Nerney family and Una's mother Anne performed alongside Declan.

Tipperary-born Una's great-grandmothers both played accordion and performed at barn dances.

And Declan hasn't ruled out a collaboration with his niece. "You'd never know what's down the line," he said.