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SATC's Kristin says she has finally reached her career high -- at 45

Sex and the City star Kristin Davis says she is basking in an all-time career high at the age of 45.

The brunette actress told how she used to believe her ambitions would be halted in their tracks if she did not manage to hit the big time while aged in her 20s.

Many concerns have been raised in Hollywood about the fate of actresses as they advance in years, while their male counterparts often seem to enjoy more career longevity.

But Davis, who is soon to hit the silver screen in movie sequel Sex And The City 2, one of the most hotly anticipated movies of the summer, spoke of how "lucky" she feels.

She modestly put her late-blooming achievements down to the phenomenal success of the show, which became a global hit after starting out on TV.

"Remember when we were young, the actresses that we liked?" she said in an interview with Red magazine.

"They were young, even though they seemed older to us. And you thought that you had to make it in your 20s, like if you weren't going to make it in your 20s, you weren't going to make it.

"So the fact I would be turning 45 and be the busiest, most successful I've ever been is very, very odd.

"And it is all because of Sex And The City, really.

"I think I would have done okay without it, but I don't think any of us would have had this kind of career at this age if it hadn't been for the larger thing Sex And The City turned out to be, culturally.

"I do feel incredibly lucky."

Davis plays prim, doe-eyed Charlotte in the tale chronicling the romantic exploits of four glamorous and high-achieving female friends, set against the dazzling backdrop of New York.

She showed off her stunning figure by posing in a black silk corset for a photoshoot with the magazine.