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Sarah's so happy to be in sights of a stalker as movie career takes off

RISING star Sarah Bolger is taking on a much darker role in her new stalker movie.

The actress first shot to fame in Jim Sheridan's In America and went on to play Princess Mary in The Tudors.

The Dubliner also won critical acclaim when she starred in vampire tale The Moth Diaries at the Venice Film Festival.

But Sarah (20) takes on an even grittier role in the movie about a high school soccer star stalked by a mysterious admirer whose crush on him turns deadly.

This indie role confirms her place among Hollywood's young and talented elite.

And the young star has been lined up with the best in her class of peers -- Crystal Reed from Teen Wolf, Reid Ewing from Modern Family and lead actor Lucas Till who starred in X-Men: First Class.

Sarah will play Till's long-time friend who wants to take their platonic relationship to the next level, though he's too busy training to pay much attention.

Meanwhile Crystal Reed takes on the character of a shy, emotionally intense classmate of Till's character.

Sarah previously said that she felt uncomfortable playing roles when she knows her parents are watching.

"In As Cool As I Am, I play a sexually deviant 17-year-old," she said.

"There's no nudity, it's more playful, but it's very hard for your parents to sit and watch you doing the simplest kissing scene."

Sarah, who is based in America and has just finished filming in New Mexico with Claire Danes, said that she is pleased that she's now offered meatier roles after The Moth Diaries.