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Sarah's back home cuddling son Jude

NEW mum Sarah McGovern has returned home with her bundle of joy -- baby Jude.

Catwalk queen Sarah arrived home with her newborn son yesterday.

Sarah and hubby Kenny Vaughan say they couldn't wait to welcome their addition home.

"It's great to bring him back, it feels like he's always been here," said the model.

The 30-year-old gave birth to her healthy 8lb 8oz son last Friday and revealed that she and Kenny knew he would be called Jude: "He looks like a Jude, we knew it was the name for him.

"Kenny's brother's middle name is Jude and it was always in the back of our mind."

After giving birth a week past her due date, stunning Sarah looks picture perfect as she holds her son in her arms in this intimate photo.

"Everyone has different opinions over who Jude looks like -- he changes everyday, I think he looks like me though."

The star is embracing the joys of motherhood: "I'm actually not too tired, I'm still definitely on a high," she told the Herald.

Sarah -- who worked out throughout her pregnancy -- said she believes her training and preparation eased the birth process along considerably: "I did it all naturally and although it was painful, I really got in the zone and just went for it.

"All my training definitely paid off, it gave me the stamina for the labour."