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Sarah sets up city lovenest with soccer star beau Pat

Model Sarah Morrissey and her soccer star boyfriend have finally taken the plunge and moved in together.

The Diary can reveal how Derry City goalkeeper Pat Jennings Jr recently upped sticks and moved to Dublin, so he can be with his stunning girlfriend.

Up until now Sarah (29) commuted to Pat's base in Newry every weekend in order to keep their five-year romance alive, and admits it's a great novelty to now have her beau so close.

And while the couple are enjoying living together, Sarah insists there is no sign of wedding bells on the horizon.

"We're both living together in Dublin now. He moved down so it's all good," Sarah explained.

"We're not doing the long-distance anymore. It's great.

"No, no, there's no ring," she laughed. "We'll stick with this (living together) for the moment."

The former Miss Ireland has also made some other changes in her life after finishing her high-profile gig as a showbiz reporter for RTE.

The blonde beauty, who hails from the Liberties in Dublin, previously worked on TTV alongside then presenter Liam McCormack, and later nabbed a slot on its replacement show Two Tube.


She even found herself making headlines two years ago over her accent, when it was suggested that she had taken elocution lessons in order to perfect her TV voice.

Sarah was quick to hit back at the claims, however, insisting that she is extremely proud of her Dublin dialect and would never drop it for a career in television.

The leggy model insists her departure from the small screen was all down to being too busy and hopes to be back in front of the cameras before the end of the year.

According to Sarah: "I finished that just before Christmas. I just don't have the time, you know when you're doing shows every day it's hectic.

"Basically I'm in Brown Thomas two or three times a week for different things and I couldn't commit to it.

"Hopefully during the summer when it quietens down I'll be able to go back to the TV work. I loved doing it, but the modelling is really my bread and butter.

"I love it still, I mainly do catwalk but I do a bit of everything," she added.

It is now approaching five years since Sarah herself took the Miss Ireland crown and the successful model believes the annual beauty pageant can still open doors for those who hope to get into modelling.

"It seems like a lifetime ok that I even did it," she laughed.

"I'd just say to anyone that's going for it that you can do really well out of it if you put the work in.

"It's hard work and not always glamorous.

"If anyone wanted my advice I'd be happy to give it them, but I don't think they really need it," she added.