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Saoirse Ronan reveals secret to success

Screen starlet Saoirse Ronan has revealed the secret to her success -- picking film parts that scare her to death.

The 16-year-old Hollywood star has already received one Oscar nomination for her part in wartime drama Atonement.

And the Carlow girl now looks set for a second nod after wowing critics with her performance in new film The Way Back.

But the teen insisted that the reason she has reached such dizzying heights in her career is because she refuses to stay in her comfort zone.

"I don't want everything to be just handed to me on a plate. So I do look out for challenging roles -- I want to do things that scare me and test me," she revealed.

"There's a lot to consider before I just say 'yes' to a movie, it's a joint decision.

"It's me and my parents and it depends on who's involved, what the story is like and how interesting the character is," she added.

But the young starlet vowed that she won't let the success go to her head.

"I listen to music, watch films, read books. I spend time with family and friends, although I love time alone too.

"I don't feel famous. I don't like unnecessary attention, but I can't complain, because most of the attention I have had has been positive," she said.