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Saoirse eyes US college to study for her degree

IRISH actress Saoirse Ronan wants to go to university and further her education.

Speaking to the Herald, the 17-year-old said she dreams of studying in Trinity College, or might live full-time in the States and work for a degree there.

The Lovely Bones star has two movies in the pipeline, but says getting a third-level education is next on her list of things to accomplish.

"I'm not completely finished school yet. I'm working at the moment but I do want to go to college. School is on hold for the moment but I am always studying though. There are different ways to educate yourself.

"I might go away but I really love Trinity College, I think it's a beautiful college and it's got a lovely atmosphere and the fact you are right in the middle of town is brilliant but I might go and study in the States," she said.

The Oscar-nominated actress made the comments at the launch of school teacher Paul Huggard's book Singing The Blues: The Long Walk Back To Happiness On Hill 16 (1974-2011).


The author, who is actually Saoirse's neighbour, tutored her during the filming of her movies Hanna and The Long Way Home.

Saoirse, who is currently filming the latest Vampire flick Byzantium, admitted it was great to have a friendly face on set but said it was hard to study while working.

"It was tough doing tutoring while I was working. I would always be trying to get my scenes done, and it depends how busy the schedule is but normally it's just non-stop filming.

"So to try and fit in school work as well was really, really tough, because I had to do three hours every day and sometimes I just couldn't do that.

"But Paul was great because we all know him and he is Irish so for him to come away with us was absolutely brilliant."