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Same shape and same tattoos ... but that's not my naked body, says Bieber

TEEN sensation Justin Bieber has denied 'doing a Prince Harry' after nude pictures alleged to be him were circulated online.

The 18-year-old has totally refuted claims that the naked male torso belongs to him.

The picture, in which the head is not shown, surfaced after Bieber had his laptop and camera containing "personal footage" stolen following a raid on the singer's tour dressing room.

The person in the photo shows off a tattoo on the inner hip, which has been likened to Bieber, sparking claims that the intimate snap was one found on the singer's stolen computer.

While some internet users claim to have footage of the Canadian star, sources close to the Baby singer have strongly denied that it is Bieber in the pictures.

Speculation that controversial footage of Bieber may have leaked mounted when he informed his fans on Twitter: "I had a lot of personal footage on that computer and camera. And that is what bothers me most."


While it is reported that the naked pic is not Justin, it is thought that Bieber's stolen property contained photographs of the teen and his celebrity girlfriend, Selena Gomez (20).

It was revealed that the thieves also got away with snaps of Bieber and his family travelling the world as well as his music and personal playlists.

A source said: "Justin basically had his whole life on his laptop and camera."

The singer was performing on stage in Tacoma, Washington, in the US when the theft took place, however the items have yet to be recovered.

Bieber took to Twitter to vent his fury and told his 28.8 million followers: "Sucks when you take personal footage and people don't respect your privacy."