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Samantha's upset by baby pressure now she's home

SINGER Samantha Mumba has said she finds the intrusive questions about her personal life hard to take.

The Time Machine actress, who's married to American policeman Torray Scales, said she was amazed at how many times she has been asked about having babies.

"It's weird. My life in LA has been very normal and private but since I've come home, all of a sudden, that's all I'm being asked about," she said.

"It's actually a very personal question when you think about it. For all anybody knows, I can't have children or maybe we're already trying or maybe we've lost a kid; you just never know.

"It's kind of shocking to be asked it but I think that when someone gets married, it's automatically the next question."


Her other half has a child from an existing relationship, a little boy named Mason (10) whom she takes on a "motherly role" with.

"If he's sick and he needs a hug and he needs me to baby him, then that's what I'm going to do," she continued.