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Samantha signs €1m deal for film musical in US comeback


Samantha Mumba with husband Torray Scales. Photo:Collins

Samantha Mumba with husband Torray Scales. Photo:Collins

Samantha Mumba with husband Torray Scales. Photo:Collins

AFTER 13 years in the wilderness, ex-Irish pop queen Samantha Mumba is launching a come back with a €1m US film deal.

The 30-year-old Dubliner has signed on to star in a musical film production, set to be as big as Les Miserables.

The project could delay Samantha's plans for making a return to the Irish music scene.

The Herald recently revealed that she is in talks with RTE to take part in six- part series The Hit, which gives fledgling songwriters a chance to have chart success with established acts.

However, with filming on the musical set to begin later this year, Samantha may have to pull out of the homegrown project, which also features former X Factor stars Mary Byrne and Shane Ward.

Samantha lives in the Hollywood hills with her husband, US police officer Torray Scales. The singer and actress celebrated her one-year wedding anniversary with partner Torray, whom she married in LA in February 2012.

Samantha shot to fame with number one hit Gotta Tell You, under Louis Walsh's guidance, and has been living in LA since she her singing career faltered in 2000.



The film production would be Samantha's first big break since failed attempts at re-launching her career with 2007 reality show Get Your Act Together and film flop the Time Machine in 2002.

She revealed to friends at a party last week that all her efforts and hard work have finally paid off with the €1m deal.

A close friend said: "She was absolutely thrilled that she had landed a lead role in a big budget Hollywood musical. She was sworn to secrecy over what the film was, but said it was going to be as big budget as Les Miserables.

"After the success of Les Mis at the box office Hollywood producers have been keen to follow it up and plans for the next big musical production are set to include Samantha."

Filming is expected to begin on the musical later this year.

"She has got the role and has signed contracts but has been told she has to wait for the film company to make the official announcement," added the friend.

While her music dream is reignited in the US, Samantha has a long way to boost her profile at home since her number one in the Irish charts in 2000.

In March of this year, Samantha performed in gay nightclub FAG, in Dublin, for the first time in three years.

It was a far cry from when she filled venues as the teen who was signed to Polydor records, aged just 15.

Samantha was tipped for big things when her debut album Gotta Tell You spent six months on the US billboard charts in 2000, going platinum with one million sales.