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Ryan refuses to get in a flap over chef Ramsay's nasty 'Dumbo' ears jibes

Ryan Tubridy today insisted that he didn't have any hard feelings towards Gordon Ramsay after the F-Word star humiliated him about his ears.

Tubs was ridiculed and humiliated on Friday's Late Late Show about his over-sized lobes in front of a squirming television audience.

However, he claims there are no hard feelings between himself and celebrity chef, following the insulting taunts the Hell's Kitchen star threw his way last Friday night.

The British chef was in town for a sit-down interview with the self-confessed young fogey on the Late Late Show, when Gordon stated that Ryan should go and have some plastic surgery on his ears.


The exchange came in response to a question about the rumoured Botox Gordon has had after advice from his pal, Simon Cowell.

The outspoken chef was adamant that he has not had any surgical enhancement, claiming that he turned down the X Factor judge's offer to have his brow up-lifted by his plastic surgeon.

He proceeded to turn the tables on the interviewer, comparing Ryan's ears to those of Dumbo the elephant.

"Talking about plastic surgery, have you seen your ears lately?" he asked Ryan.

"Look at those things, you must take off coming down the stairs. I'm surprised you can get through the door," he laughed, before finally adding, "I'm joking."

"It's a genetic thing," the stunned broadcaster replied. "I can't help it, I was born with it."

Gordon later invited Ryan to come and dine at his restaurant in the upmarket, Ritz Carlton, Powerscourt Hotel in Co Wicklow, claiming the Montrose star needed fattening up.

"I would like you to come out and eat a good meal. You look like you haven't eaten in years. You're too thin. You're like a little windy piece of asparagus," he told the RTE presenter.


However a representative for the long-running chat-show revealed that Ryan found the whole thing very amusing and didn't take offence.

"Ryan took it all in jest, as I've no doubt it was intended" a spokesperson for the star said. "He was very happy with how the show went," they added.

During the interview Ramsay also explained how it's been a tough 12 months for his exclusive Irish restaurant in Wicklow.

He is confident however that the restaurant will be awarded a Michelin star in the coming months and says he has the utmost respect for the chef he has installed at the venue.