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Ruth swaps catwalk for US campaign trail to keep Obama in White House

model Ruth O'Neill is going on the campaign trail with President Barack Obama.

Ruth originally left for LA to pursue a career in showbiz but she said that she is keen to move into politics.

The Castleknock native packed her bags for the US in April 2010.

Ruth (23) told the Herald that she's a big believer in the US president's policies since setting up home stateside.

"I'm really passionate about working on the Obama campaign and anyone who really knows me isn't surprised at all about my involvement. I'll be campaigning for him in LA obviously -- persuading people to vote and organising events," she said.

And the former Xpose hopeful wants to be in the thick of the action at the crucial stages.

"Hopefully I'll be on the team to campaign in Nevada, which is a swing state," she said.

"It's going to be a fight for the next seven months.

"It's not just incredibly important that Obama gets re-elected for America, but it's important for our global community."

"Obama has done an astounding job on foreign policy -- I'm even threatening to leave if he doesn't get re-elected," she said.

Although Ruth admitted she has "no time" for romance, thanks to her political endeavours and her job at ABC News, she said she was bowled over during a recent interview with A-list heartthrob Colin Farrell.

"I interviewed Colin at a pre-Oscar party here -- I had worked with him on a commercial back in Dublin years ago, but never thought he would remember me," she said.

"Right before I interviewed him, he stopped in the middle of his interview with Extra [NBC] waved over and said, 'Hi Ruth!' -- I almost died," she said.

"We chatted about Ireland for a bit -- he is just so charming and kind. I think he's a great ambassador for Ireland."