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Ruth quits catwalk to be a full-time model mum for AJ

Ruth Griffin is taking the plunge and semi-retiring from her successful catwalk career.

The Diary can reveal that the stunning brunette, who is a single mum after splitting from her husband Alan Quinlan, plans on being extremely selective when it comes to modelling in the future so she can focus all her energies on her young son AJ.

Despite still being among Ireland's most in-demand beauties, Ruth insisted that for the moment she only wants to be a "full-time mum".


"I'll still do bits and bobs when I want to. There are fabulous jobs out there and great clients and I'm really lucky through all my years modelling that I've had very loyal clients, who have booked me no matter what."

She explained that she won't be following in good pal Sarah McGovern's footsteps by ditching Assets to sign up with Andrea Roche's agency, given she is no longer interested in working full-time.

"No, I'm happy out where I am to be honest. I wish Sarah the best, she is one of my closest friends and I wish Andrea the best.

"I think she's brilliant and she's a really savvy businesswoman, a really nice girl and a really hard worker so I wish her the best but for the moment I'm happy anyway."

Ruth's decision to step back from the limelight comes just six months after her split from her Munster rugby star husband Alan, after just two years of marriage.

Meanwhile, Ruth has also dampened speculation that her new super svelte figure is the result of embarking on an unintentional heartbreak diet.

She insisted her newly toned figure is solely a result of running after their energetic toddler, as well as some regular Pilates sessions.

The 35-year-old's tiny figure first sent the gossip mill surrounding her weight loss into overdrive last July, after she stepped out with friends to attend the Grown Ups movie premiere in the Savoy cinema looking slimmer than ever.


Ruth also laughed off suggestions made previously by her pal Sarah McGovern that she had no problem shedding her baby weight and was back in her size 10 skinny jeans after just three months.

"To be fair the baby is two in two weeks so it's two years since I had him, so I don't really have any excuse. But it did take me a year to get back to pre-pregnancy shape so it didn't happen really suddenly -- and that's the key to keeping it off.

"I didn't do anything really differently. You're busy being a mum but toddlers don't sit down. My little fellow is a real handful; he's full on energy the whole time."

Speaking as she stepped out to launch the new Kellogg's Special K online personal plan facility, which is available free at myspecialk.ie to help people get into shape, Ruth also revealed her toned figure is also down to hardcore Pilates.

"I do Pilates. I've a brilliant instructor who really helped me get my figure back actually, and then it's just eating sensibly."