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Ruth heads to LA in quest for stardom... and a new boyfriend

Model Ruth O'Neill is moving to America in a bid to find love and stardom, the Diary can reveal.

The blonde beauty, who was one of the finalists in last year's Total Xposure competition, has revealed how she has her heart set on making it big in the States.

And not only does rugby star Rob Kearney's ex want to carve out a name for herself in LA, the Castleknock native also wants to bag herself a hunky American in the process.

"I definitely would like to find a boyfriend out there," she told the Herald. "I really like American guys. A lot of my friends don't like them, they think they don't get sarcasm and the Irish sense of humour.

"But if they like you, they will romance you and take you out on lovely dates -- there's no beating around the bush if they're interested. They're so different to Irish guys, where you're lucky if six months down the line they tell you they like you!"

The Assets model, who has an American passport as she was born in New York, is following in Caroline Morahan's footsteps by moving over to LA after Easter to start afresh after admitting how she has become a bit jaded with the Dublin scene.

The UCD graduate has been taking advice from top model Roz Lipsett, who lived in LA for two months last year, on how to do basic things like find an agent and get started in the broadcasting industry.

However, she won't need to worry about having to find new pals, given that one of her best friends, model Karena Graham, has been living out there for a few months.

"She's been over there since January. Her boyfriend's family have a house over there so it will be really nice to have someone I know so well in the same city," she said.

"I have loads of other friends over there who are models, directors and actors and my cousin's in a heavy metal band. I just want to go over for a change of scene. I've never lived on my own before, away from my parents. They're coming over with me for the first two weeks for a holiday and then I'm on my own.

"All I know is I want to work in entertainment and do something creative. When I come back, I'll definitely apply for a masters in journalism in DCU as I felt very disadvantaged when I worked in TV3 because everyone seemed to have a qualification in communications or journalism."

Although she's one of our best-known beauties, Ruth says she won't even attempt to sign up with a model agency over there. "I wouldn't even try -- there's a cut off age of 21 with most of the agencies so I'm too old at 22!" she said.

"I just feel like I need a new challenge and now's the best time to leave. I have no boyfriend, no major job commitments and I just feel like it's now or never. If I don't like it, I'll just come home."