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Rugby hero dad loves my feminine outfits, reveals Irish designer Anderson

DUDE looks like a lady. He's the darling of London's fashion scene but we're not sure many Irish men will be snapping up designer JW Anderson's latest creations.

The 28-year-old Derry man sent a bevvy of male models down the catwalk in racy lace tops and My Little Pony-style crimped fringes. There were beige belly-top capes, long palazzo pants, white tunic-style dresses and delicate pansy-printed halter-neck tops.

Not exactly the type of get-up Irish men tend to wear down the pub on a Friday night.

The inspiration behind the show was 'The awkward self' – and the models looked suitably uncomfortable as they walked down the catwalk. One donned a black knitted crop top, while another showcased a mesh tank top. JW accessorised the outfit with a see-through pouch that appeared to contain a pair of y-fronts.

The show took place in London's Old Sorting Office and is just one of the many bizarre and abstract fashion shows taking place during Men's Fashion Week.

The son of former Ulster and Ireland rugby player Willie Anderson, JW has often said he likes androgynous clothing.


Earlier this year he sent men down the catwalk in skirts for his Versace Versus showcase. JW believes many of his pieces "can be borrowed from a man to a woman and from a woman to a man".

Although he admits his dad wouldn't sport any of his clothes. "Dad doesn't wear many of my designs, but he likes what I do," he told the Herald this year.

And JW's personal sense of style is tamer than his outrageous catwalk creations.

He emerged after the show in an understated pair of indigo jeans, black sweater and boots.

Even if his threads don't go down well with Irish men, we can't imagine JW will be too distraught.

His celebrity fans include Kate Bosworth and Alexa Chung.