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RTE's Vivienne is thriving after donating her kidney

LIFE'S never been busier for RTE journalist Vivienne Traynor, who donated a kidney to her nephew just a couple of years ago.

Over the past three years the 40-year-old mother-of-four has donated the kidney, given birth and taken up night courses for a law degree.

Vivienne says she has no problems balancing commitments or any desire to slow down.


"I'd go to college forever if I could, it's the time I get for just me, instead of partying that's what I do.

"I have exams in May and my daughter Holly will have her Junior Cert, so I'm dragging her to the library with me to study too.

"It's good for her to see me studying and that she knows there's no end to learning," said Vivienne, who welcomed son Oscar only five months ago.

Vivienne, who has been a court reporter for RTE for four years, is currently helping to promote Organ Donor Awareness Week, after undergoing transplant surgery for her nephew Martin after he suffered kidney failure.

"Martin has an auto-immune condition and you can survive well for years without getting a transplant. It was unusual in his case to have kidney failure, we didn't expect it and it was a shock at the time. So when the option became known to us that we could donate, I stepped forward ... You're more likely to get a match from a family member."

Vivienne, who is married to sports anchor Justin Tracey, travelled to the UK for keyhole surgery and spent nearly three months recovering before returning to work at Montrose.

Now set to return from maternity leave to the station in July, Ms Traynor said that she will find the transition "tough" initially. "You have to get into a routine and I did do it with the others, so it'll be fine, but it is tough at the start."

And the Skerries native also admitted that she is not overly concerned about shedding her baby weight and will never become someone who is back to their pre-baby body within weeks.


"I'd love to back in my size eight jeans weeks later, like some mums do now, but it just doesn't happen, especially not after four kids.

"I'm not going to rush it ... But I am getting back into running because I plan to take part in the Irish Kidney Association's 10k run in October.

"I missed it last year because Oscar was due that day and I couldn't train. I'm really looking forward to getting back into it -- I'm going to get all my journalist pals to get involved too."