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RTE's Murphy on 'casual' contract to read the news


Michael Murphy

Michael Murphy

Michael Murphy

NEWSMAN and author Michael Murphy is to remain working with RTE, but he won't be given another long-term contract and will stay with them on a "casual" basis.

The 65-year-old has been a familiar voice on the airwaves for 40 years and has worked at RTE as a newsreader, producer and a continuity announcer.

But last October, the Mayo man (left) was presented with a six-month contract for the first time, which expired earlier this month. Murphy also runs a psychological therapy practice in Dublin with partner Terry O'Sullivan.

The popular newsreader has indicated that he would not be too worried if his contract was not renewed as "there are other irons in the fire".

However, after negotiations, Murphy was offered a "casual newscaster contract", which is expected to keep him at the state broadcaster for at least another six months.

RTE confirmed that the news presenter will continue to work with them on a casual basis. They declined to confirm the length of the contract.